Integrated, Robust and Cost-Effective Information Systems
Integrated, Robust
and Cost-Effective
Information Systems

Established in 1994 by experienced IT professionals, Atwood Systems has staff that provide specialized system solutions to varied industries across the United States. We offer unique abilities and solutions through all phases of the business system/software development process, with experience in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, training and support.

Our experience provides solutions for clients on varied platforms, including mobile, web, desktop, networked multi-user systems and cloud-based systems using relational database technologies with performance that exceeds customer expectations.

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Our mission is to benefit our clients with sage advice, services and software solutions. We constantly challenge ourselves to continue a 100% success rate of delivering timely, cost-effective solutions that exceed customer expectations using our IT knowledge, business experience, operational infrastructure and software assets to go beyond what is required to successfully complete the job.

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We provide multi-platform software solutions by combining our expertise with that of our partners.

Our track record proves that our design / build solutions, using our software framework with collections of pre-made software modules, will deliver reliable, supportable and cost effective solutions for years to come, providing an excellent return on your investment.

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We have developed applications for standalone, networked, web and mobile platforms. Our multi-faceted experience encompases the latest software and systems work along with experience with legacy systems integration, using the latest technologies and modern relational database designs to provide management to a wide range of options in capturing data from multiple sources.

Tell us what your goal is and we can provide options that fit your budget. Our cost effecive design / build solutions for multiple platforms can provide your management with a "big picture" view of your business operations.

A depiction of the circular systems development cycle Atwood Systems uses. This includes analysis, design, development,implementation, further analysis, and so on.

To succesfully manage our work for clients, Atwood Systems follows a System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) management process to ensure timely and orderly system implementation.

As a tool, SDLC provides a structure for the software delivery process and consists of a detailed plan describing analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and support of software.

Applying this methodology leads to improvements in the quality of software and the overall development process, giving clients the outcome they envisioned.

A depiction of the scrum development process Atwood Systems uses. It depicts the iterative design process that allows rapid prototyping, development and software release.

We also use the Agile-Scrum approach, which has proven very successful in a wide range of industries and is recognized as a process that can vastly improve the outcome of any project.

Our use of this method for over 20 years ensures the successful analysis, design, development, and implementation of your system.

For more on this process please visit this link: Scrum Details

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